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Our core competency!

Building upon our retail experience that spans more than a decade, FACE2FACE registered a unique training program called: Art Of Selling®.

The Art Of Selling® course is designed to develop your top sales associates and bring your business to a more competitive level while generating continuous high performance among staff.

In the world of luxury, customers are not buying a product, they are buying an experience. It is crucial that this experience is not only perfect, but that it is perfect every time. FACE2FACE will groom your sales associates, showing them how to take charge of every aspect of the sales process and customer experience. It truly is the Art Of Selling®.

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Level 1 : Art of Selling ®

A 2 day training program designed for sales associates.

Objective: Setting homogenous selling standards throughout your organization.

Level 2 : Advanced Art of Selling ®

Objective: Developing top sellers that generate significant revenue.