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In Luxury we are leading and exceeding customers expectations

FACE2FACE has pioneered unique Service Training Solutions designed to provide a range of critical service skills that are vital to customer satisfaction and loyalty.

The ability of frontline supervisors and managers to develop the skills and capabilities to define and execute a customer loyalty strategy is what sets Luxury apart from other businesses.

Module 1 : Ladies & Gentleman

Module 1 seeks to:
Teach the importance of loyalty.
Improve the ability of staffs to screen future loyal clients.
Enhance and perfect not only physical ability, but language ability.
Do you know a VIP when you see one? What about a VIPIT (VIP In Training)?

Module 2 : 911

Crisis Management
With Module 2, our FACE2FACE team will help you:
Develop skills to help supervisors, managers and staffs to deal with customers who are angry or upset, especially after a breakdown in service.
Take the previous bad experience and turn them into a loyal customer for life!

Module 3 : Beyond

Module 3 is all about exceeding customer expectations.
Master the art of surprising customers with unexpected extras; creatively and cost-effectively. The ultimate experience is priceless

At FACE2FACE we believe that :

You’re not only buying a product, you’re also buying a brand experience. Let's make it unforgettable!