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Store managers are "everyday entrepreneurs", facing internal and external challenges on a daily basis; implementing new standards, developing talent, achieving KPIs, guaranteeing brand image- it's a dynamic jo on the front line of luxury retail…

FACE2FACE proposes new and innovative training methods and programs that adequately prepare store managers for the key roles they will play in supporting their networks' success. 

FACE2FACE offers customized leadership learning solutions. From classroom learning to a regional coaching in a variety of formats- our flexible programs offer a high-quality learning experience that is perfectly suited to your organization's needs.
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Level 1 – The Amazon

A 3 day experiential training program designed for store managers. Systematic approach to leadership development.

Objective: Help develop business vision and teaches store managers to lead outside of their comfort zone.

Level 2 – "Impact leadership"

Objective: 3 day training program developping store managers how to lead their teams effectively and professionally.


♦Increase personal self-awareness
♦Enhance managerial skills
♦Practice and improve strategy thinking
♦Benchmark current status


Jo-Hary Leadership Experiential Multiple Window Competency Psychometric Benchmark 4E+1P Learning Assessment