FACE2FACE acts as your gemcutter,
on your sales force!

Make each Sales Associate unique

Fabrice TAVEL-BESSON, founder

Luxury is driven by the passion to work
for a world that combines history,
heritage and personalization.

In today’s economy China’s retail sector is growing at an exponential rate. Vast numbers of untrained sales staffs are entering the world of luxury to keep up with the demand for high end products. Here at FACE2FACE, we believe that this is a trend that is going to continue.

It’s not uncommon to hear store managers all over Asia complaining about the lack of quality in the “untrained sales associates” that have flooded the marketplace. This “accidental salesperson” has little to no training and is costing the company valuable customers due to their lack of experience in customer service.

Objective: We want to work with these sales associates on a level that is outside their comfort zone. We want to teach them a skillset that will provide solutions for their customers’ needs while simultaneously creating an environment that the customer will want to return to, time and time again. read more about Fabrice TAVEL-BESSON

♦Fabrice holds an MBA in Marketing and Sales Strategy from one of the leading business schools in France. In 1997 he was an asset in the restructuring of Jaguar, focusing on their sales strategy. He then spent over a decade as the retail manager for the luxury division of L’Oréal, developing and selling the brand portfolio in Europe, and then in Asia.

♦Now more than ever, Fabrice is at the forefront of VIP events; coaching and demonstrating the sales skillset for many brands so that he keeps his finger on the pulse of both the market and the customer.

♦His strengths are developing unique assets in sales associates management, luxury business development, and management of the point-of-sale and education programs.